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Here’s An Icon Of the Naked Bike World, The 2017 Ducati Monster 1200

Ducati pioneered the naked bike segment with the Monster range of motorcycles. The Monster 1200 is the big, bad member of the lineup. It utilises the same L-Twin engine as the rest of the Ducati bikes. This bike has manic power output with upright ergonomics to ensure you can ride it day-to-day with least hassle. Does it feel like the bike you need for daily use? Then read on as we talk more about the 2017 Ducati Monster 1200 price in USA, specifications and other details.

2017 Ducati Monster 1200

Ducati 1299 Panigale R Final Edition Is L-Twin’s Swan Song

Confused? Well, please allow us to talk a bit about the past. Ducati began losing in the WSBK as its L-Twin engine was restricted by the regulations. In essence, its power advantage was negated by use of air restricting equipment by WSBK authorities. All this was done in the name of fair play. This left Ducati with no option but to start work on a new V-4 engine to replace the V-Twin. It will have to put the engine into production to meet homologation requirements. Hence, Ducati had to make the decision to junk this engine. However, the love affair between Ducati and the L-Twin engines is a storied one. So, befittingly, the Panigale range was sent off alongside the L-Twin engine with the 1299 Panigale R Final Edition. Here’s all about the Ducati 1299 Panigale R Final Edition price in USA, specifications and other details.

Ducati 1299 Panigale R Final Edition


Ducati’s V4 Superbike Spied! Here’s What We Think It Will Be Like

Update: Ducati’s V4 superbike will likely have a double-sided swingarm. This is because the road bikes are likely to make 205-210HP power while the race bikes will make 230HP or even more. A double-sided swingarm will, thus be needed to ensure the Ducati V4 superbike is able to put that power down. The recent test mules spotted also had different exhaust and shock positions, which further lends credence to this aspect.

Ducati is working on a new V4 engine to replace the L-Twin motors in its superbikes. The reason behind this is the World Superbike Championship regulations. These regulations warrant the use of air restricter on V-Twin engines making displacing 1200cc. Hence, any performance advantage a Ducati bike may have in the WSBK is nullified to a great extent, if not fully. Hence, Ducati has no option left but to develop a V4 engine for its superbikes. So, what will the new V4 superbike from Ducati be like? Here’s our take on the Ducati V4 superbike, based on all the available information.

Ducati V4 Superbike

Ducati V4 Superbike. Image courtesy Asphalt and Rubber

Looking For A Bespoke Daily Driver? This Norton Is For You

If you thought that Norton came back from the dead out of the blue, you thought wrong. This bike maker has a number of product lines running alongside the RR family. One of these lines is that of Dominator. The Dominator is a bike styled like a cafe racer. TO ensure it has the old world charm of the cafe racers, it has a parallel twin engine. Now the engine does not put out big power figures. However, what it likely does is make power accessible across the rev range. Interested to know more about this bike? Then keep reading as we talk more about Norton Dominator price in UK, specifications and other details.

Norton Dominator

BMW K 1600 GT Is The Bike You Need For That Cross-Country Road Trip

BMW Motorrad is one of the most known bike makers around the world. It is known more for its bikes than even cars. Back in 2010, it looked at revolutionising the sport touring and luxury touring segments with the K 1600 range of bikes. These bikes sported a big-for-a-bike inline-six engine back then. However, fast forward to 2017, the I6 engine of the K1600GT (for writing ease, otherwise it is K 1600 GT) still seems massive. So, what new has BMW Motorrad brought to the K1600GT in 2017? Read on to find out as we tell you about 2017 BMW K1600GT price in USA, specifications and other details.

2017 BMW K1600GT

Take A Look At This BMW R Nine T Derivative!

The BMW R Nine T is a retro-looking bike that has an air-cooled engine. In the world of bikes which is increasingly being populated by liquid-cooled engines, this bike is one of the few to buck the trend. In doing so, the motor retains its simplicity of yesteryears. However, the R Nine T is every bit modern as it needs to be. How? It has fuel injection, disc brakes and ABS as some of the components that have become commonplace on modern bikes. However, today, we will be talking about a derivative of the R Nine T Urban G/S. What is this model all about? Does it keep the soul of R Nine T intact? Find answers to all these question as we talk in detail about 2017 BMW R Nine T Urban G/S price in USA, specifications and other details.

2017 BMW R Nine T Urban G/S