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Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS Becomes India’s Most Awarded Motorcycle

Bajaj Auto Limited launched many vehicles post and prior to Pulsar but none of those could register success as like this one. The bike has completed almost a decade in Indian auto market and still continues to rule roads as well as riders. The biggest contribution in this achievement was the unmatched advanced features of this two wheeler. It was designed in a perfect way to cater the needs and desires of its users. Several features that Pulsar 200NS sported were first of its kind and ahead of its time and that is well proven by the fact that the only vehicle that could set a basic standard before the upgraded Pulsar was the earlier version of itself. Also read – Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS Test Ride and Review

LED tail lights, Digital cock-pit, Nitrox suspension, Twin Spark Technology (DTS-i) were some of the features that this bike brought-in with itself. And the testimony for its huge success is reflected well enough by the fact that Bajaj Pulsar 200NS has emerged as the most awarded bike of the nation. It swept 10 highly reputed awards from some of the most renowned Automobile Magazines and Channels of India.

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India’s Hero MotoCorp To Sponsor EBR 2013 Campaign

The EBR is well known for building the best of the American two wheeler racing machines. The biggest and awaited news for the year 2013 is that EBR has disclosed that Hero, the powerful biking nerve of every Indian, is now going to sponsor the popular EBR AMA pro-racing season. We would also like the readers to know that before being a motorcycle designer, Eric Buell was a racing champion.

Apart from this, we would also like to focus on what Erik Buell said about Hero Moto Corp. Erik said that he is happy to say that Hero MotoCorp is back to the race and became a title sponsor of the team Hero EBR 1190RS in the 2013 AMA pro racing American superbike series. The entry to race for the year 2013 will be shouldered by Geoff May’s on the bike no 99. Geoff’s racing crew will comprise of Mike Fitzgerald, Ryan Kelly, and Grant Singley. Mike Fitzgerald will be going to be the crew’s chief. Furthermore Hero group’s technician would be joining hands with the team to sharpen and expertise themselves for future racing sessions in India too.

After completing the AMA race session Hero team would be returning again for the gaudy rider Aaron Yates, he would be riding the mobike no 20 EBR1190 RS. Aaron’s core team would comprise of the champs of the AMA itself. The personalities are Evan Steel as a crew chief and joining hands would be of Phil Allison and Willie Vass. All the personalities have ample of biking experience from AMA racing. We would like to interest masses that Evan said Joining back to EBR and putting American motorcycle racing in front position to the world is his passion and dream come true. The statement was supported by rest of the two counter partners too. They also said that EBR is doing a great job that is in a true sense respectable. The reason they are supporting Aron Yates is their friendship and also the love for sports bike and racing.

EBR 2013


The Power Dreamers Honda Presents CRF250M

Technology has changed the fate of the globe. Technical know-how is a necessary aspect of everything but let’s just talk about automobile industry. The Honda motor company Ltd. keep introducing new technologies every day. It’s a Japanese public multinational corporation that has primarily been known for manufacturing cars and motorcycles. Since 1959, Honda has been the largest motorbike manufacturer of the world.

As a result, masses can now see that the power dreamer Honda is acquainting its new sensational powerful two wheel machine. The all new CRF 250M has been introduced by the company.  The supermoto has been introduced in Thailand. The popular two wheel machine of Honda CRF 250L got the improvement and came back as all new Honda CRF 250M.  We would like to tell masses that it will be powered by same fuel injection single cylinder engine. The engine comprises an electric starter, double overheads cams and a counter-balancer.  The bike has a change in its cosmetics and looks.  It will be getting two body paints black in black and black and red. The wheel base would be changed to 17 inch and suspension would be more powerful. Honda will predictably bring the mobike to USA too. The bike would have an engine of 249 cc which will produce 20.3PS and 21.69 Nm.

Honda CRF250M

CBR 400R Gets A New 400 CC Advanced Engine

The Honda motor company Ltd. is up to invent new technologies day to day. And now, masses can see Honda is acquainting its new powerful 400cc dual cylinder engine for two wheel machines. Japan is full of mobikes comprising 250 to 400cc engines. Japan is known for the best in class bike manufactures such as Yamaha, Suzuki Kawasaki, and Honda itself. These four brands makes loftiest sports bikes. Most of them make superbike comprising predictably up to 600cc engine.

Further, we see that the big brands like Yamaha, Suzuki Kawasaki, and Honda are the finest in the world and hence Japan has a big crowd and love for 250 to 400cc motorcycles. One of the major reason behind this is that the Japanese government authorities levy less tax on mobikes ranging between 250 to 400cc. The bit identical process is followed in India on less than 4 meter longer cars. The government of India levy less tax on the cars. The crux is that Japan is predictably bigger manufacturer of mobikes ranging between 250 to 400cc. The Japanese expert motorbike manufacturers produced some unforgettable bikes for globe such as Honda CBR400R, the Kawasaki Balius 250, the Honda Hornet 250 and many others. The requirement of this era is economic fuel consumption and eco friendly bikes.  Bikes should be able to rotate world on the wheels as well as able to provide a healthy environment too.

Honda 400 CC Engine

2013 Triumph Tiger Sport 1050–All You Need To Know

The world famous British motorbike manufacturer, Triumph is all prepared for a new launch. Tiger 1050 sport will be the name of the new motor bike; it is a facelift of the company’s previous creation Tiger 1050. Though, tiger 1050 was not as successful as the Tiger 800 and Tiger 1200. The British motorbike makers think that they still have a fair chance to make the Tiger 1050 famous. However, Company has not given up hope and has launched a new improved Triumph Tiger 1050 sport with high expectations.

As the word ‘sport’ is added to the name, the company has done relevant changes also to make it a sports bike. In the triumph Tiger 1050 sport 10 BHP more (as compared to the Tiger 1050) has been added to make its engine extra powerful.

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India Bike Week 2013 In Goa From 2-3 Feb- “Riding Metal” Fair

Warm up your bike’s engine. Screw up the bolts, Greece up the components and put your clothes on to be the part of India’s first largest bike and music fest. Let’s be game for “India bike week”. As the Sun dawns for the year 2012 a new world begins for a ride. In the year 2013 2-3 Feb, Goa is calling for a fest full of people, zeal and zest of bikes and music. A world full of life colors which changes the way of life. An aura of freedom where rider rides and road obeys. Kick start your “Riding metal” weather it is a chopper or a super bike, measure the roads and acknowledge the biggest bike fair ever in India.

Dream about a world away from the hustle bustle and tussle of routine days and nights. A saga of wild bikers and bikes, live raw music and musicians. A unique place where music and horns drafts in the winds. A place with a outbox market unlike the ones you know. This is a world where you and your bike are together.

Indian Bike Week 2013