India’s Hero MotoCorp To Sponsor EBR 2013 Campaign

The EBR is well known for building the best of the American two wheeler racing machines. The biggest and awaited news for the year 2013 is that EBR has disclosed that Hero, the powerful biking nerve of every Indian, is now going to sponsor the popular EBR AMA pro-racing season. We would also like the readers to know that before being a motorcycle designer, Eric Buell was a racing champion.

Apart from this, we would also like to focus on what Erik Buell said about Hero Moto Corp. Erik said that he is happy to say that Hero MotoCorp is back to the race and became a title sponsor of the team Hero EBR 1190RS in the 2013 AMA pro racing American superbike series. The entry to race for the year 2013 will be shouldered by Geoff May’s on the bike no 99. Geoff’s racing crew will comprise of Mike Fitzgerald, Ryan Kelly, and Grant Singley. Mike Fitzgerald will be going to be the crew’s chief. Furthermore Hero group’s technician would be joining hands with the team to sharpen and expertise themselves for future racing sessions in India too.

After completing the AMA race session Hero team would be returning again for the gaudy rider Aaron Yates, he would be riding the mobike no 20 EBR1190 RS. Aaron’s core team would comprise of the champs of the AMA itself. The personalities are Evan Steel as a crew chief and joining hands would be of Phil Allison and Willie Vass. All the personalities have ample of biking experience from AMA racing. We would like to interest masses that Evan said Joining back to EBR and putting American motorcycle racing in front position to the world is his passion and dream come true. The statement was supported by rest of the two counter partners too. They also said that EBR is doing a great job that is in a true sense respectable. The reason they are supporting Aron Yates is their friendship and also the love for sports bike and racing.

EBR 2013

Pawan Munjal, managing director & chief executive officer Hero MotoCorp Ltd said that “We are delighted with our participation in the AMA Superbike Championships. This is our second consecutive year at these races and we are excited with the progress that our teams have made. Our partnership with Erik at AMA pro racing is a natural extension of our technology alliance with EBR. Personally I am happy to see brand Hero make its mark with EBR 1190RS on this competitive platform.”

The core teams will also add Robbie Jensen for suspension work and Mike Kirkpatrick for transportation and logistics. Michael Tjon who has been at the track with EBR since the first outing will be focusing on power train development as the lead on this work in East Troy. Michael said “I do love racing and the track excitement but after the last two and a half years doing that it is to get off the road for a while so I can focus on the technical part that I love best”. He also added that “We ran all last year with stock engines and we need to push further this season”.

Both the Teams would be managed by Rick Kress who will be returning to his home state of Wiscons after a long time of years. The champ has his residence in Alabama. Rick said that “I have had a really rewarding career as a crew chief in AMA Superbike for many years but I have been wanting to step up to manage more, and this team is just the right fit for me”.

Jeremy Meyers Race Program Manager AMSOIL said that “We have been very happy with our sponsorship of Geoff May and are delighted to have Aaron Yates on board this year”. He further added that “EBR has been a great partner for us in racing and product development especially as the new EBR products get closer to volume production  Erik has aligned himself with super riders and sponsors like Hero MotoCorp and I believe our value with both Aaron and Geoff will be great this season”. At last Erik added that “We at EBR truly enjoy competing in the AMA Pro Racing American Superbike series and I want to take the time to thank all the other teams, sponsors and of course the fans that come to the track and follow on Television. We have a spectacularly competitive show that spectator’s love so tell your friends to come and see a race. They will walk away amazed at the incredible talent we have here in America”.

All in all the good news is this that India has marched forward to EBR sessions with the sponsorship of Hero MotoCorp. Hero MotoCorp is the largest motorcycle manufacturer and developer and had predictably sold at around six million motorbikes and scooters in the year 2012.


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