India Bike Week 2013 In Goa From 2-3 Feb- “Riding Metal” Fair

Warm up your bike’s engine. Screw up the bolts, Greece up the components and put your clothes on to be the part of India’s first largest bike and music fest. Let’s be game for “India bike week”. As the Sun dawns for the year 2012 a new world begins for a ride. In the year 2013 2-3 Feb, Goa is calling for a fest full of people, zeal and zest of bikes and music. A world full of life colors which changes the way of life. An aura of freedom where rider rides and road obeys. Kick start your “Riding metal” weather it is a chopper or a super bike, measure the roads and acknowledge the biggest bike fair ever in India.

Dream about a world away from the hustle bustle and tussle of routine days and nights. A saga of wild bikers and bikes, live raw music and musicians. A unique place where music and horns drafts in the winds. A place with a outbox market unlike the ones you know. This is a world where you and your bike are together.

Indian Bike Week 2013

The heritage waiting for you to be yours. An army of gloved up, booted up and padded up riders. This is what “India bike week” is all about. One can explore 26 live bands & Dj’s, 3 concert tribunes, above than 100 bikes , 16 cage fighters, The cigar and whisky clubs, biker build off sections, race tracks, stunt zones, vintage bike zones and flea mart. The huge crowd is falling for the fair. Above than 8000 party maniacs will going to witness the fate of bikes and music, spread over an area of 7 acres on 2-3 Feb 2013.

India Bike Week Feb 2013

We believe the worth watching segment of “India Bike Week” would be “Bike Build Off”. This section is hot and competitive. One would be able to see three motorcycle builders to create mobike wonders and work shoulder to shoulder in order to stance first among themselves.They will be working on identical mobikes within four weeks to make up the marvel. The final assembling of the bikes would be at the venue Goa itself. It is Country’s first bike festival which is based on “International motorcycle Sturgis ralleys”. The fest tickets are priced for 3000 for weekends and 1000 for a day. A one of a kind bike and music show will howl loud in Goa. Wow! Time to Kick start the dreams.

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