Yamaha YZF-R250 Sport Bike For India and Other Asian Markets Speculated

A while ago the only motorcycles that wannabe sport motorcyclists in India considered were Yamaha R15 and Bajaj Pulsar 220 but with the recent introduction of Kawasaki NInja 250R, Honda CBR250R and KTM DUke 200 the perception of riders has changed. And now they are more attracted toward such powerful machines.

The introduction of the abovementioned motorcycles in the 250 CC segment has severely affected the sales of R15 as the pricing is quite close with a difference varying between 12,000 INR to 60,000 INR ($600 to $3000). Considering one would get better power and road presence at a few extra thousands, why would one buy the R15?

Although not as a surprise, we learn that Yamaha is planning a 250 CC version of the Yamaha YZF R series, the Yamaha YZF R250 for the Indian subcontinent. Once launched the bike will go head to head with CBR250R, Ninja 250R and Duke 200.

2012 Yamaha YZF R250 India

At present the company is doing well with the R15 which is also the flagship model for the same. The bike is not sold in western countries where a more exotic version in the form of R125 is available. Now the R250 is not yet developed but speculations are there hinting that the motorcycle is on paper and will be developed specifically for Indian and other Asian markets. With the R250 the company will not only target the emerging Indian market but the bike will also be perfect for newbies looking at an entry to mid level offering in markets such as America and Australia and throughout Europe.

No official information regarding the technicalities of the bike is available as of yet, but since Yamaha already offers YBR250 with an air cooled engine we are expecting the R250 to sport a water cooled engine.

Styling cues may not be strikingly different and we are expecting the R250 to bear a similar design as of the R15, though with tweaked front and rear ends. A majority of components could be shared between R15 and R250 ensuring better economies of scale.

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  1. India unlike the European markets have a huge appetite for the bikes between 150-250. YZF R250 might be the next big hit for Yamaha in India…a quarter class war is on the cards…!! eagerly waiting…

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