Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 Launch In Australia– Details

Yamaha, the name which brings to your mind the image of a fast paced motorcycle has been slowly and steadily entering various markets all over the world and has started garnering quite some shares in the markets. They forayed into the Indian market some time back with their flagship R15 but some raised eyebrows to this move as it is the country where people don’t really buy high end performance bikes. But the bike was a success there and Yamaha is looking to repeat the success in the Australian market.

Launched in India in 2011 , the R15 Version 2.0 which was the revamped version, has now been brought to the Australian market. It has been launched at a price of AUD 3,995 which makes it a bike that will find itself a niche in the biking market. When converted, the R15 is priced at three times the price in the Indian market. The made in India REs are sold over the world and KTM just launched the Duke 200 in Philippines which have been made in India too. Some might not know , but India is known for the cheap labour that it provides and lower cost of spare parts , making it quite the export hub.

R15 Racing Blue 1

The R15 looks like a scaled down version of the uber-popular R1 and you can easily mistake it for a superbike. It features a remapped ECU from the outgoing version which has considerably improved the lower and mid range torque delivery , thus enhancing the ride quality. It features a 150 cc single cylinder four stroke engine which generates a peak power of 17 BHP and a torque of 15 NM at 7500 RPM. The engine has a four valve head operating on the SOHC layout and is mated to a 6 speed manual transmission.

Yamaha R15 is quite a capable track bike along with the one you could use for your daily commutes too. It was and still is quite a niche product and if you could stretch your budget a little , you could always go in for the quarter litre bikes. But for starters , R15 is the one you’re looking for. And just in case it affects your purchase decision , we would like to sum it up by telling you that it would give you 45 Km to the litre as claimed by Yamaha. This baby Yamaha lives up to the hype around it when it comes to road performance.

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