Yamaha 04GEN Scooter Concept Revealed

Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer, Yamaha, has unveiled a radical looking scooter concept called the 04GEN. The design concept was unveiled at the Vietnam Motorcycle Show and features semi-transparent movable exterior panels that mimic wings of insects/birds and also showcases an interesting alternative to the usual plastic bodywork. Yamaha hasn’t shed any light on the scooter’s specifications and other technical details and, from the looks of it, the 04GEN concept is merely a design study bits from which might filter through to future Yamaha products. Here are pictures and more details on the Yamaha 04GEN Scooter Concept.

2017 Yamaha 04GEN Design Concept (2)

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The aluminium chassis parts show through thanks to the heavily-tinted transparent plastic body work as the lattice-style bracing moulded into the rear sides of the body panels gives the scooter very a very distinctive visual effect. According to Yamaha’s press release, “Showcasing the beautifully-engineered interior structure brings a lightness to the majestic body, creating a new design which synthesises the interior and exterior to achieve a rare beauty.”

2017 Yamaha 04GEN Design Concept (3)

Yamaha further adds that the scooter concept “evokes the image of women with an air of dignified elegance and grace of mind and body” really adds much to the mix, other than hinting that this concept is really aimed at the fairer sex.” The overall design fuses the classic scooter silhouette with modern, futuristic touches such as the see through body work that can be moved to mimic wings of an insect.

In place of the instrument console, the pictures depict a smartphone hooked up to the scooter, which means the phone’s display will double up as the instrument readout. However, using the phone as the display could turn out to be a bit of an issue in case it rains. Yamaha has added brown leather handlebar grips and seat, which seems big enough for only the rider. The LED rear stop has been mounted just below the seat. Previously, Yamaha has showcased three concepts based on the RUN-WAY philosophy that stands for Revolutionary, Unique and Noble. In 2014 they showcased the 01GEN that was a crossover motorcycle with two wheels at the front, the 02Gen was an electrically power-assisted wheelchair, while the 03Gen, showcased in 2015, was a tricity scooter.

Yamaha 04GEN Scooter Concept Image Gallery


Yamaha hasn’t shed any light on the specifications of the scooter, but we suspect it will borrow the engine, transmission and swingarm from existing Yamaha products. Overall, it is a very intriguing design concept that showcases interesting tinted, semi-transparent resin bodywork, which might filter through to future Yamaha products.

2017 Yamaha 04GEN Design Concept (1)

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