World’s Largest Selling Motorcycle– Bajaj Discover Sold 122,968 Units In September 2012

Hero MotoCorp is the world’s largest selling motorcycle brand and the credit for this is to be given to Hero Splendor. This Indian brand has always faced tough competition from another Indian brand, Bajaj and the interesting part is that the Splendor is not the largest selling bike now, as Bajaj Discover commuter series has taken over the Splendor recently.

It is a great achievement for Bajaj as its popular Discover series outsold Hero Splendor with 122,968 units as against 121,018, respectively. These figures are valid for the month of September 2012 only and with such amazing sales Bajaj has now captured 35 % percent of commuter segment. On the other hand Hero Group retains 39 % of the segment in total.


According to K Srinivas, President – Motorcycle Business, Bajaj Auto,

“This is a major milestone in our journey towards excellence in motorcycle business. Our strategy of specializing in motorcycles, developing differentiated products and thereby creating a sharp brand position has clearly succeeded. We firmly believe that brands work only when they have a sharp position. Discover has successfully been positioned as “CHALTA NAHI DAUDTA BIKE (It doesn’t run, it rides)” thereby appealing to the commuters who would like to evolve to more sporty bikes. Discover has successfully broken the compromise that the average commuter was forced to make by offering styling and performance of a sports bike, yet with comfort and economy of a commuter bike.”

Discover 125 ST front view

Talking about the Discover 125 ST which was recently launched in India, Bajaj has so far sold 35,000 units of the same. The 125 ST is seen as a major improvement over the other Discover bikes. Bajaj Auto has also confirmed the launch of Bajaj Discover 100 CC Motorcycle in December 2012.

While Hero is the largest motorcycle seller of the planet, Baja enjoys the maximum amount of traffic on each bike. Now the question is, whether Bajaj Discover will retain the largest selling bike badge or will it lose it to the Splendor in the coming months? We will keep an eye on the same, so stay tuned by signing up for our FREE email newsletter.

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