Lito Sora Electric Superbike Launched- All You Need To Know

With the hybrid and all electric vehicle technology, the only hot topic, presently doing rounds in Germany and Detroit, the Canadian company, Lito Green Motion has come up with the highly anticipated no nonsense all-electric superbike ‘Lito Sora’. A glimpse of this beauty will definitely cause you trouble deciding upon a category for this superbike. A Bobber, Cafe Racer or Street Fighter, call it whatever you want but Lito Sora borrows design cues from many different genres and is a very unique, technologically advanced superbike. Developing Sora took around 2 and a half years of testing prototypes and painstaking assembling made by hand, and by all means, the bike really looks like it.

Lito Sora Electric Superbike (1)

Though production was obviously delayed later than the original October 2011 estimate, we wondered if anything has changed in its journey from paper to production. According to the president and founder, Jean-Pierre, it was the homologatory hurdle which stood in the way of the superbike and the showrooms but has also confirmed that the deliveries will begin in this summer.

On the eve of its exhibition to the well-heeled hordes at the Top Marques show in Monaco, the company has released footage of its mean green machine cruising along both countryside blacktop and a banked concrete circuit.

An energy storing, integrated charge management system gives you ride for up to 200 km in city and over 100 km on highway on a single full charge of 9 hours, thanks to the top-of-the-line, high-density battery — built to last for the life of the bike. The superbike boasts of a top speed of 190 kph and can clock o-100 in about 4 seconds.

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High Density Lithium Polymer Battery

Lito Sora Electric Superbike (4)

Power Electric Motor & CVT Transmission

The Lito Sora electric superbike rolls with a frame made from carbon fiber and machined aluminum elements, accounting for the small weight and excellent stiffness living up to the superbike performance. And because the motor has almost no moving parts, the Sora vibrates way less than conventional motorcycles. One of the really nifty features of the Sora is the electrically-adjustable solo seat, which allows riders of all statures to find their optimal riding position aboard this intriguing bike, which is first of its kind. Changes can be made on the fly, and this means the Sora adds a new definition for riding comfort and modern ergonomics. Regenerative brakes and a three-mode power deployment (performance, normal and safe range) are also standard. Comprehensive bike and system info is readily available on the 5.7” LCD touchscreen, as well as GPS data, maps and more, making the Sora even smarter.

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Integrated GPS and Touch Screen

Lito Sora Electric Superbike (5)

Electric Adjustable Seating

The bike will be available for purchase quite soon, first in its home-country Canada, and then in other markets. The price is one of the attributes which makes it a very exclusive bike: at USD $41,000. The Sora is definitely not a bike you get to see everyday, but at least for now, we can take pride in the technology which may make its way into the more affordable range of bikes.

We will keep you posted with further developments and launches, until then do let us know what you think of the Lito Sora Electric Superbike.

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