Kawasaki Ninja H2 Price Unveiled

Do you want to experience the unforgettable supercharged street performance with the 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2? Unfortunately, it comes at a price of 25,000 USD that may not be in everyone’s capabilities but Kawasaki knows its audience and is keeping the product in limited-release production, which means it will only be available in a few markets and for a short duration. Kawasaki is going with the tag of “Built Beyond Belief” as the monster machine is the world’s only supercharged production hyperspot street bike and has tremendous technological advancements that the company has painstakingly achieved for its select customer base.


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The motorcycle has an inline four with 16 valves, liquid cooled, 4 stroke engine. The immense power would certainly give brilliant acceleration. The boosted litre-class engine would certainly growl like the streets would never forget. Kawasaki has an in-house designed, high rpm performing supercharger, which is the primary selling pint of the vehicle. It itself has incredible capacity to compress air while keeling the what created to a minimum and as a result no heavy intercooler was required to cool the air that was compressed. The supercharger impeller that was forged with aluminum for increased precision and durability reaches astounding speeds of 130,000 rpm, giving a capacity of around 200 litres of air per sec in the engine.



In matters of suspension the Kawasaki Ninja H2 does not disappoint. With a fully adjustable racing suspension, the front has the air-oil separate (KYB-AOS-II) cartridge for initial movement and a damper for the later. Both the front and the rear suspensions have spring preload adjustability and top-out springs. The front is a 43mm inverted fork and the rear, a new gas-charged Uni-Trak which gives easy mobility and good feedback to the rider.

For the brakes, in the front, two massive 330mm Brembo semi floating discs are held right with the dual radiant mount Brembo monobolic callipers for excellent braking force. In the rear, a 250mm disc was put in for stronger performance. The two work in tandem to give the rider a very quick response to the brake.
The Ninja H2 has a fuel capacity of 4.49 gal and gives a ground clearance of 5.1in with a seat height of 32.5in. The wheelbase remains a 57.1in standard.

For safety the Kawasaki Ninja H2 has a Kawasaki Traction Control to prevent wheel slip and has three programmable levels. It also has the Kawasaki Launch Control which allows the rider to launch from a stationary position with full throttle along with the steering damper by Ohlins.


The body is trellis frame that has high tensile strength but also flexible for top speeds. The design which has more open spaces allows better heat dissipation. It also has a mirror coated black paint with fairing. The multi layer paint includes a layer of pure silver which creates the mirror effect.

With the led illumination which gives the vehicle a mean predatory look and the beautiful shining body work, the Kawasaki Ninja H2 brightens the eyes of several motorbike lovers. Many who can afford the price should place their order before 19 December 2014 as availability is on first come first served basis.

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