Indian Motorcycle Maker Hero Goes Global, Starts Operations In El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala

The Indian motorcycle giant, Hero MotoCorp, earlier known as Hero Honda has had a slight bump in its road to success but that has not stopped the Indian giant from going all guns blazing. The two wheeler company is by far a leader in all aspects in the country and now plans on taking its competitors on the global frontier. The company has a target od making 10% of sales in 5 years from now and that percent is going to be quite a big number seeing they sell around 1.5-2 lakh domestic bikes in the domestic market every month.

Hero MotoCorp has kick started its operations in 3 Latin American countries – El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala and plans on reaching 30 countries all over the world. A report has stated that the company has even dispatched the first lot of the bikes to the Latin American countries a few weeks back. And this will start the battle of supremacy on the global frontier with its long time partner, Honda as both the companies will be targeting the upcoming markets in future.

Hero Achiever

The 30 countries the Indian bike maker will be expanding to will be spread across Africa, Latin America, Central America and South-East and the company had made its intentions clear way back in 2011 about their plans when they announced a new brand identity after separation from Honda.”The company has already started dispatching its two-wheelers to some new international markets from January. The company has finalized the distributors and channel partners in its new markets in Latin America and Africa. Hero is also set to commence its operations in African markets anytime soon,” is the statement from a source on the request of anonymity.

Hero will announce its arrival in Latin America and Africa in a few weeks from now and the bikes will be exported from India initially. But if the volumes pick and up, the company will wish to start up a facility in the countries it will expand to. As a matter of fact, Hero has even started finding out local sources to supply raw materials in future which seems quite optimistic to say the least. The Giant of India looking to become a Global Giant. Sounds a bit farfetched but you never know how the things may turn out to be like.

via – ET

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