Christini AWD 450SM–A Two-Wheel Drive Supermoto Motorcycle- Details, Pictures And Video

A conventional motorcycle’s driving mechanism consists of two sprockets and one drive chain. This is the typical mechanical arrangement between the transmission and rear wheel of a traditional motorcycle. This is definitely not even close to what will interest you, right?

Will three chains, six sprockets, four bevel gearsets, one fixed-length driveshaft, two telescopic driveshafts, and a sprague clutch, interest you? For many the components that I had just mentioned may be confusing but when put together they transform into an arrangement that is quite unique and special. We are talking about an all wheel drive system that has been developed by Christini Motorcycles.

Christini 450SM AWD All Wheel Drive front

image – Christini AWD 450SM

Christini has been developing all wheel drive motorcross bikes since 2002 and recently it launched a one of its kind all-wheel-driven supermoto motorcycle, the 450SM. Design wise the bike resembles Honda CRF450X but has tweaked it to the extreme. A second countershaft is there just above the engine which connects to a sprocket on a bevel gearset that further connects to a short driveshaft running to the back of the steering head. A second bevel gearset present inside the steering head, drives counter rotating elements that are concentric with steering stem.

Christini 450SM AWD All Wheel Drive close up

image – Christini AWD 450SM

Further sprockets drive small chains running to sprockets on shafts just forward of each fork leg. All the hardware might be confusing but in reality it works that too quite efficiently. And surprisingly the extra components make up for 15 lbs only. The front wheel is driven at about 80 percent speed of the rear wheel. This means that if the rear wheel is not spinning, the front wheel is freewheeling. As soon as power is transmitted to rear wheel and it begins to spin and the relative speed between the wheels equalize, the front wheel starts spinning. The opposite of the situation also holds.

Christini 450SM AWD All Wheel Drive side

image – Christini AWD 450SM

Christini AWD 450SM Specifications

  • DOT Approved Street Legal
  • Street Legal Kit (lights, horn, turn indicators, mirrors)
  • Digital Computer with Speedometer and Odometer
  • Twin Spar Aluminum Frame
  • 450cc SOHC Liquid Cooled Four Stroke
  • 5 Speed Wide Ratio Transmission
  • Electric and Kick Start
  • Paoli Open Chamber Forks
  • Suspension: 305mm (12″) Front and Rear
  • Adjustable Single Shock with Linkage
  • Ground Clearance: 356mm (14″)
  • Front Tire: 17″ Tube Type DOT
  • Rear Tire: 17″ Tube Type DOT
  • Brakes: Single Disc 240mm (9.4″)
  • Tank Capacity: 9.8 Liter (2.6 Gallon)
  • Seat Height: 953mm (37.5″)
  • Wheel Base: 1478mm (58.2″)
  • Dry Weight: 127kg (280 lbs)
  • AWD Drive Ratio: 0.63:1 (10:16 tooth)
  • Final Drive Ratio: 0.27:1 (13:48 tooth)
  • AWD Engagement Switch
  • 1 Year AWD Warranty

Christini 450SM AWD All Wheel Drive instrument cluster

image – Christini AWD 450SM

Below is a video of the Christini AWD Bike:

The Christini AWD 450SM is priced at US $8,195 MSRP. Sign up for our free email newsletter for updates.

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