How to Change Engine Oil of Your Bike

Quite a few of us like tinkering with our motorcycles and getting our hands dirty. There are few simple things you can carry out that do not require much expertise or too much in terms of specialised equipment. Changing the engine oil is one such operation. All you will need to carry out this procedure is a socket wrench, an oil drip pan to collect the oil, a funnel and, obviously, a new pack of engine oil. Here’s a step by step guide on How to Change Engine Oil in Your Bike –

2016 Honda Africa Twin in action

Step 1

Once you have the materials in place, put your bike on the centre stand preferably. Use the side stand if your bike doesn’t have a centre stand. Let the bike run for a few minutes in order to bring the oil up to temperature. This will help with the flow while draining the oil.

Step 2

Locate and unscrew the oil filler cap. This will help drain out the oil more quickly. If your fingers can’t reach the oil filler cap, then you might have to use needle nose pliers.

how to change engine oil in your drain plug

Step 3

Place a pan or bucket under the engine before taking out the oil drain plug. Use a socket wrench to remove the drain plug, which is usually located on the underside of the oil pan. Avoid contact with the oil that drains out as it may still be hot. Wait for the oil to collect in the oil pan/bucket.

how to change engine oil in your bike oil drain

Step 4

If you plan on changing the oil filter then remove the filter as well. You will have to do this by hand unless your bike comes with a nut head on it.

Step 5

Before placing the new oil filter, lubricate the ‘O’ ring with the new oil using your finger. This will ensure a nice seal upon installation.

how to change engine oil in your bike oil filter

Step 6

Refer the owner’s manual of your bike and fill the required amount of oil using a funnel. Some manufacturers mention the amount of oil required on the engine itself.

how to change engine oil in your bike refill

Step 7

After filling the bike, turn it on and check the oil level through the small glass window provided on the side. If the level is below the ‘full’ mark then add some more oil accordingly. Make sure the bike is level while checking the oil. If it was placed on its side stand then hold it up straight.

how to change engine oil in your bike oil level

That’s pretty much as far as our tutorial on How to Change Engine Oil in Your Bike is concerned. Keep in mind to dispose off the used oil correctly. Disposing used oil is harmful to the environment and might even be illegal.

We hope our tutorial on How to Change Engine Oil in Your Bike gave you the confidence to try it out with your bike. Feel free to post your comments below and  stay tuned to Ride Talks for more stories like How to Change Engine Oil in Your Bike and more.

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