2013 Can-Am Spyder ST 3 Wheeled Tourer Motorcycle Reveled– Pictures and Details

What we have today is the brand new model for year 2013 from Canadian OEM Can-Am named as Can-Am Spyder ST, which it unveiled at Club BRP in Washington, D.C. The Canadian manufacturer already has two different roadsters, the sporty RS model and a full fledged touring machine, and the new Spyder ST has been introduced to plug the gap between the two. The Spyder RT comes in three different variants and has more relaxed ergonomics.

2013 Can-Am Spyder ST-S

There are a number of changes made for this model which are as follows:

  • 5 inches forward placed footrests, 4 inches pulled back and 3.3 inches raised handlebars (compared to Spyder RS)
  • Firmer foam padding for the seat
  • 5-way adjustable windscreen with 4 inches of movement

2013 Can-Am Spyder ST Color

It features a revised chassis which is stiffer that the previous iterations. The stiffness has been achieved by revising the front end geometry and increasing rigidity around front suspension mounting points. It has a slightly larger track than the RS. Besides that all the Spyder variants equip new Brembo calipers on the three wheels.

The 2013 Spyder is ST is built on Can-Am’s Y-architecture. It is powered by the familiar 998 CC Rotax V-Twin engine that delivers plenty of low-end torque for spirited riding. The max torque output of the same is close to 80 lb-ft (108 Nm). Of course the 2013 Spyder ST will get Can-Am’s Vehicle Stability System which is a combination of traction and stability control combined with ABS. New addition to the 2013 Spyders include electronic throttle. It is available in Pure Magnesium Metallic color scheme only.

2013 Can-Am Spyder ST Limited

The 2013 Can-Am Spyder ST-S Roadster version is equipped with more aggressively styled fenders with LED light integration that enhances the aerodynamics and visibility level. A cruise control comes as standard and what distinguishes it from the Spyder ST variant is a Carbon Black finish on the front wheels, handlebars, footrest, rear sprocket, shock springs and exhaust. The ST-S comes in two colors: Circuit Yellow Metallic and Pure Magnesium Metallic.

The 2013 Can-Am Spyder ST Limited Roadster takes the standard model even a step further with plenty of interesting features:

  • Removable hard-locking saddlebags
  • Removable mounting brackets for the saddlebags
  • Garmin Zumo 660 GPS with Bluetooth capability
  • AM’/FM audio system with iPod connectivity
  • Thermal hand grips
  • 12 V power outlet
  • Beautiful 12 spoke alloys

The Spyder ST Limited model is available in Pearl White or Blackcurrant color schemes. Get all the latest updates by email for free by signing up for our Free email newsletter.

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