KTM Duke 200 Price Hiked In India By Rs.8,000 to Rs.13,000 (By US $140 to $240)

Some of the developed and emerging automobile markets are facing a tough economical crisis. While markets such as Europe are experiencing an unavoidable slowdown and loss in demand, emerging markets such as India despite having an appreciable demand is finding it difficult to maintain prices. In India, since the beginning of this year a number of price hikes have been there both for two wheelers as well as four wheelers.

While existing and established manufacturers are maintaining costs so as to benefit the customers, new manufacturers have no way but to introduce a hike. KTM entered India a few months back and is now partly owned by Bajaj. As of today the company offers the Duke 200 only which is a hit in the Indian market. Post its launch the parent Bajaj had to hike the prices by Rs.3,500 (app. $63) and now a couple of months after the bike’s launch the company is set to hike the price once again. This time around the hike would be between Rs.8000 to Rs.13,000 ($140 to $240).


In India, the months of October and November are quite important for all the automobile manufacturers as during the same period Indians celebrate the festive season of Diwali. The season is considered to be very auspicious and also perfect for buying a new vehicle. While other two wheeler manufacturers in the country will be offering heavy discounts to promote their products, Bajaj-KTM is confident that even with such a hefty price hike the Duke 200 would still sell great numbers.

The reason for the hike is yet not clear and even Bajaj does not want to disclose what forced them to do so. However, the hike in price would do no harm to the value for money image of the Duke 200 and we believe it will be a hot seller in the festive season too.

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