Hyosung GV650 Launch In India In Early 2013

Garware exited the alliance with Hyosung in India and then DSK teamed up with Hyosung to get a strong hold of the rapidly growing premium bike market in India. Hyosung has been bringing quite the performers to the Indian markets but have always failed as the bikes were brought in as CBUs and commanded quite a high price. Their pricing was either more or at par with their biggest competitor in the Indian premium bike market- Kawasaki.

The Kawasaki Ninja, in its 650 cc avatar undercut the pricing of the Hyosung’s GT 650R by quite a wide margin and since it was a Ninja, it had way more aspirational value than the Hyosung offering. When Hyosung brought their 250Ccc bike, they brought it at a price which was almost the same the baby Ninja and seeing the VFM factor Honda has played with their CBR 250R, the Hyosung GT 250R never really managed to take off. But Hyosung seems to be quite resilient when it comes to have a footing in the Indian bike market.

Hyusung GV650 aka Aquilia 650 India Side Front

Hyosung is all set to rival the Harley Davidson 883 and Superlow by launching their GV 650 cruiser which might be christened as the Aquila 650 for the Indian premium bike market. The GV 650, unlike the rest of is siblings will come by the CKD route to have a price advantage. It will be priced somewhere in the range of Rs.5.0-5.5 lakh which would allow them to undercut the pricing of the entry level Harley Davidsons and the price somehow makes quite a compelling case in their favour. Hyosung GV 650 will reach the Indian shores somewhere around Mid-January to Early-February.

Hyusung GV650 aka Aquilia 650 India Side Rear


The bike will feature a 650cc V-twin engine that will give out a healthy 72 BHP and will have a torque figure of 67 NM The next in line of their Indian onslaught will be the 2013 edition of their GT 650R but we believe that is pretty much a lost cause. Hyosung also has a premium offering in the Indian cruiser market in the form of ST7, but it is the GV 650 the company is looking up to for changing their fortunes and having a strong footing in the Indian market. First came the Harleys, then the Dukes, Triumphs and now the Hyosung, the Indians are sure in for a superbike treat this year. We just hope they manage to tame these beasts well.

Source: Motoroids

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