Elon Musk Hints at Extremely Ambitious Plan for Tesla

Elon Musk is yet to share the third phase of his master plan for Tesla but he has dropped hints of what’s in store for the renowned EV-maker

Back in 2006, CEO Elon Musk had unveiled his ‘master plan’ for Tesla. The long-term gameplan governed the growth of the electric car manufacturer over many years to come. Then, around a decade later, Musk revealed the second phase of his plan, and now, about 5 years into the part-II of the plan, the Tesla CEO looks ready to unleash the third phase.

tesla roadster elon musk
Elon Musk with New Tesla Roadster.

Of course, there’s some time before the part-III is made public but recently, Musk did drop some not-so-subtle hints at what to expect from the electric car manufacturer in the near future. “Main Tesla subjects will be scaling to extreme size, which is needed to shift humanity away from fossil fuels, and AI,” Musk tweeted.”But I will also Include sections about SpaceX, Tesla and The Boring Company,” he added.

True, Musk’s future plan for Tesla does sound a bit too gimmicky at this moment but let’s not forget that the Chief Engineer at SpaceX has got a thing or two for surprising everyone with his future-proof strategies and concepts that tend to leave everyone in awe. For instance, in the first part of his master plan, Musk had planned building a sports car (read: Tesla Roadster) as the starting point for the carmaker. The revenue generated from this was to be used for the development of a more affordable car, which, in turn, had to pave way for an even lower-priced model.

And that’s exactly how the Tesla Roadster led to the inception of the Model S, which later helped the carmaker come up with the Model 3. True, the execution wasn’t the smoothest and there were a few delays, but the carmaker did manage to get things right at the end. In the second part of its plan, things hit even bigger speed bumps. The semi truck, for instance, is yet to be made available, while the solar roof commands some unprecedented waiting periods. The proposed fleet of autonomous vehicles is still a while away.

tesla roadster red action photo
New Tesla Roadster action shot.

But one thing that’s important to highlight here is the sales success of the available Tesla models. And this is exactly what will help Musk to scale his company to an “extreme size.” The Gigafactory is currently operating at full steam , while the carmaker is ready to commence production at the European plant. Tesla has already revealed it plans to start producing over 20 million cars an annum by the turn of the decade and that does sound pretty “extreme”, right? Finally, Elon Musk could even decide to gather all his companies, including the SpaceX, under one large umbrella to streamline operations. For now, though, we’ll have to wait for the complete announcement on what’s probably going to be the most important phase of Musk’s gameplan for Tesla.

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