2013 Yamaha X-Max 250 Launched In Europe– Video, Pictures and Details

Yamaha X-Max 250 ABS, the scooter that gives you the performance you want on city roads and the convenience of an automatic is now on sale. It is the scooter that will take you to your office on a Monday morning and take you for your weekend getaway on Saturday mornings. The scooter comes with a head turner design and its quite easy to maneuver too due to the lightweight yet a rigid frame. The X-Max is quite swift off its feet too if you are in a mood to race.

X-Max 250 ABS comes with a fuel injected, 4 stroke, 250 cc engine that has on offer the power you would love to have at the twist of a wrist. 13.89 BHP @ 8750 rpm and a torque figure of 11.33 Nm @ 6500 rpm are the power figures on offer and coupled with a weight of 166 kg, the X-Max 250 ABS offers enough power to satiate your hunger for speed. The ABS moniker means that it comes with ABS for bringing it to a stop in those pressure situations.

2013 X-Max 250 (5)

X-Max 250 ABS is fitted weather protection which helps you go places, no matter what the conditions are outside your home. Yamaha is touting the scooter as a ‘weekend-away’ scooter and if offers generous amounts of storage space to carry your weekend getaway tid bits. The scooter gets a 267 mm disc upfront and a 240 mm disc at the rear. The scooter gets a well cushioned and designed seat so that you don’t have the slightest of discomforts on your long rides.

The scooter is quite the looker and offers a performance alternative from the daily boring scooters. Its a Yamaha so you need not double check for the performance aspect. Its on sale now in Europe. The automatics are something that offer you that peace of mind of not changing gears in city traffic and give you the performance you want when accelerated. Agility is something where nothing can come near the automatics which makes the Yamaha X Max 250 my choice. What about you?

More Pictures:

2013 X-Max 250 (1)

2013 X-Max 250 (2)

2013 X-Max 250 (3)

2013 X-Max 250 (4)

2013 X-Max 250 (6)

2013 X-Max 250 (7)

2013 X-Max 250 (8)

2013 X-Max 250 (9)

2013 X-Max 250 (10)


Source: Yamaha Europe

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