How to Ride a Motorcycle?

Have you always wished to learn how to ride a motorcycle? Here, in this post, we’ve decided to put together a step-by-step guide to safe motorcycling. It may be noted that while motorcycling has always been an exciting activity, it’s of prime importance to ride with respect and caution your bike deserves; such an approach to motorcycling will not just ensure safety for yourself and for other road users, but it should also make biking a whole lot more fun. We are guessing that you already know what motorcycle type you’re interested in, and probably you’ve already taken baby steps towards getting comfortable on the saddle — we urge you to have a good read of this rather basic guide on how to ride a motorcycle.

how to ride a motorcycle efficiently

New Ducati Monster 1200R Revealed

Ducati has unveiled the most powerful version of the Monster yet at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. The Volkswagen-owned Italian bike manufacturer showcased the Monster 1200R which will sit at the top of the Monster range of naked street bikes. The bike is Ducati’s answer to the growing number of naked super bikes that have hit the roads in recent times. Ducati has spent a good 18 months on the bike’s development and has ensured the Monster 1200R feels at ease both out on the street, as well as the racetrack. Scroll down to read more about the new Ducati Monster 1200R.